closed SEP 2016 

We could not afford our rent.  Thank you so much for all your support these 1.4 years.  Check back for updates for Pampalasa 2.0 in Spring 2017!

Rustic Filipino American Cuisine







"To add flavor, to season or to spice."   Pampalasa is located in the historic Filipino neighborhood of SOMA. Pampalasa's menu reflects the American-born Filipinos and their experiences with food and growing up with their Filipino culture in America.  Reflecting that bicultural experience, Pampalasa serves traditional Filipino dishes, but with just a touch of our own personal modern twist using healthier ingredients and techniques.  Our menu is infused with a fine balance between incorporating modern sensibilities and respecting our cultural roots.  It is a balance and mix of both traditional and modern dishes fused together.  

We are the premier restaurant in San Francisco serving rustic Filipino American cuisine with a modern touch. Simple, yet fresh.

photo credit:  SINE68 FILMS