What is Kamayan?  

"Kamay" is the Filipino word for 'hand', "kamayan" is the Filipino phrase for 'eating with your hands.'  Kamayan is typically communal dining.  At Pampalasa, our Kamayan feasts are a much more elaborate presentation of a dining experience that is regarded as mundane and functional.  We present our Kamayan meals as a cultural experience and feast.

Are your prices for a certain number of people per group?

All Kamayan prices are for each individual person with tickets currently being sold through Feastly.  We do not have any group pricing.

Will I be eating with my group only?

All our Kamayan popups are communal dining events open to the public with advanced ticket purchase through Feastly.  If you would like your own private group event you can either rent a space or work with Feastly's Event Planning to provide a space for you.

Can I request a private Kamayan in my home?

Yes, we currently take reservations through IfOnly.  Travel fees apply for events outside the City of San Francisco.

Do you have any children's prices?

We do not have children's pricing since it is still the same amount of labor and effort expended to present a full Kamayan communal feast to your group, regardless of age.