Pampalasa's t-shirts were custom designed by local Filipino American company, Bayani Art.

1.  The "Nipa Huts" in the upper back is an icon of the broader Filipino culture and represents "bayanihan" in this design, or "the spirit of communal unity." 
2.  The "Lechon" (roasted pig) in front of the nipa huts is iconic to Filipino cuisine and is typically served during Filipino festivals, special occasions and/or community gatherings.
3.  The Cooks on the lower right represent not only Pampalasa's kitchen staff, but also the Filipino culture revolving around food and cooking.
4.  The Family of three in the lower center eating with their hands reflects the traditional Filipino way of eating with hands, and also the Kamayan Dinners offered at Pampalasa.
5.  The "Bangus" (milkfish) on the lower left is the official unofficial national fish of the Philippines.
6.  And finally, the Filipina on the top left symbolizes the owner of Pampalasa, Jennifer Villamin, and her vision being fulfilled through Pampalasa.